Positive Education SA

Learning well & living wisely


Our preventative programmes are created for teachers, learners, and parents. These include Mindfulness Training, Character Strengths exploration and other Positive Psychology initiatives that encourage resilience and a growth mindset in learners during their unfolding journey towards adulthood.  We always tailor training to meet the specific needs of our clients. Within a therapeutic framework, we also offer short-term counselling.


Young people are the custodians of tomorrow, but can find today challenging.  We believe that educational institutions and Positive Psychology are natural partners, and that the combination of the two disciplines can support children, adolescents, and young adults in creating a sense of coherence in a complex world.


Positive Education is already being practised in many schools overseas, and our programmes are designed to supplement existing psychological structures and academic timetables.  We link tradition with tomorrow in that we offer preventative programmes and therapeutic support that combine traditional psychology and occupational therapy frameworks, with innovative research and tools from Positive Psychology.

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