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Living into the answer

We love this excerpt from “Letters to a Young Poet’ written by German poet, Rainer Maria Rilke: ‘I want to ask you, as clearly as I can, to bear with patience all that is unresolved in your heart, and try to love the questions themselves. . . . For everything must be lived. Live the questions now, perhaps then, someday, you will gradually, without noticing, live into the answer’.  

In our Google world, what if we were made to search for questions, as opposed to always seeking a definitive answer?  What if children were rated sometimes on how many good questions they asked, as opposed to how many answers they got right? Small children fall in love with incessant, beautiful, big ‘why’s’. But then they forget. As we grow older, we all forget. We overlook the need to create questions that encourage deep thinking. We neglect to ask someone a question and listen intently to their answer so that we can explore it in  more detail, without just waiting for the chance to give them our opinion. We forget how to ask a wide open question, that may or may not lead to a definitive answer, but leads us on a winding path to discovery and wonder.

Think of your  go-slow, gold-dust, no Google answer question.  Be curious. And see where it takes you. You may be delighted. Let’s start a question contagion.